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Facial Biometrics 

Educational Institutions

Solution for Educational Institutions of the Future . Allows frictionless authentication and identification of students.

Improvement of the virtual relationship between institutions and students, in a transparent way.

  • Conformation of presence in classrooms, tests and events;

  • Records events such as student exchange, multiple people;

  • Identifies image capture, through photos;

  • Solution according to the LGPD ;

Design sem nome (3).png

1. Authenticates students with  face recognition without  image capture interruption  during the test day – a  period in seconds is set to  this capture

2. Process  the frames calculating the score of  each event. Some  event examples,  student exchange, multiple people  together, someone taking  screen shot etc.

3. All records of  student alerts in one  real-time place 

4. Check the  inconsistency alerts  in the validation and sends the  information for the  education system for  treatment according to rule  business.

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