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Facial Biometrics 

Frictionless Payment

Innovative solutions allow several alternatives and modalities, when we talk about payments by Facial Biometrics.

Advances in frictionless payment methods allow a new user experience with security and agility. For companies, the volume of consumption increases, with greater comfort, increasing confidence in the anti-fraud process. 

  • Fast and instant payments;

  • Fraud reduction;

  • Better consumer experience;

  • Increased consumption, safely;

  • Excellent solution for Retail,  Financial, Fintechs, entertainment in general and others.

  • Compatible with Smartphones, Totems, Cameras with facial recognition and others.

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Innovation in the entertainment segment such as Bars, Restaurants, Parks and large events, facilitating consumption and user experience

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Ideal solution for commerce and retail in general, safer, more agile and frictionless

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